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Writing Coach Single Session

One-hour coaching session by video

What your personal writing coach can do for you

Give yourself the gift of writing by signing up for personal coaching. I’ll guide you to a more productive and rewarding writing life.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to writing success. When you work with me as your writing coach, I’ll listen first, because I believe that asking meaningful questions and truly listening to your answers is the only way to understand the challenges you face as a writer.Once we’ve identified what’s holding you back, or what habits or assumptions are keeping you from living your most productive writing life, I’ll help you to identify specific steps to achieve your writing and publishing goals.

My philosophy as a writing coach

I don’t think you need me forever, or even for very long. My goal as your personal writing coach is to inspire you and to get you past whatever obstacles are keeping you from doing your best writing. I don’t believe in writer’s block, but I do believe in writer’s fatigue! I’ll help you move past the fatigue, the fear, and the procrastination, so that you can achieve success. What does writing success mean to you? Finishing that novel you started? Creating (and sticking to) a writing practice? Balancing your “day job” and family life with your dream of being a writer? Publishing your book? Becoming better at your craft? Whatever your goals, I’m here to help you reach them.

Why choose me as your coach?

Because I have

  • A proven track record as a writer, teacher, and editor
  • More than a decade of experience mentoring graduate students
  • A wide range of experience in writing and publishing. I’ve published two award-winning story collections and four novels, including an international bestseller. I’ve published with a major New York publishing house, as well as with independent and university presses. I also founded Fiction Attic Press to promote new and emerging writers.
  • Understanding: my breakthrough novel happened after I became a mom, while I was working to pay my mortgage in an expensive city, without adequate child care. I know how hard it is to integrate your writing life with your family life and your “day job.” In short, I can help you because I’ve been there, and I understand the challenges you face.

Through coaching, you’ll learn

  • How to finish a project, and when to let go
  • How to turn small writing steps into big writing successes
  • How to balance your writing life with your personal and professional life
  • How (and when) to approach agents and editors
  • How to handle rejection without losing your steam
  • How to choose the best publishing model for your project

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Work one on one with me to become more productive, more focused, and achieve your writing goals.

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