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Novel Planning Worksheets

Is your idea for a novel stuck in your head? Have you been telling yourself, "I'm going to write a novel" for longer than you want to admit? Or have you begun a novel but become stuck at a difficult point, uncertain where to go next?

Whether you want to begin a novel or you have a novel-in-progress, the Novel Planning Worksheets will help you generate scene lists, visualize your novel's structure, understand what's missing and what still needs to be done, and stay motivated.

Use the monthly planner to generate a scene list, and use the weekly writing log to watch the scenes and chapters accumulate. You'll be able to see

  • what characters are stealing the stage in your novel, and how the characters intersect
  • where your point of view shifts
  • when you need to consider a change of setting
  • how balanced or imbalanced your scenes are in terms of length
  • where the plot lags

This pack includes the following worksheets as PDFs that you can download and print:

  • Monthly novel planner worksheets
  • Weekly writing log worksheets
  • Character Worksheet
  • Plot Balance Worksheet to take the mystery out of structuring your novel
  • First twenty pages Checklist
  • 8-week Checkup
  • Turning points worksheet to track major plot shifts
  • Dialogue Checklist

When you purchase this pack, you'll also receive free downloads when new worksheets are added.

As a bonus, you'll also receive the Writers Resource Kit, a 10-page downloadable PDF that includes useful tools for ebook creation, notes on craft, and more.

If outlining has failed you, or you just can't seem to get the words on the page, the Novel Planning Worksheet pack will help you get back to writing and make steady progress on your novel.

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