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The Paperclip Method: The No-Outline Novel Workbook

Does your novel stall at the planning stage? Do you think you have to know where you’re going before you begin? Have you written 50 pages or so, only to find yourself stuck?

The Solution:

I've been there! So have many of my students. That's why I created The Paperclip Method, a series of workbooks designed to help you write your novel from start to finish.

The Paperclip Method: The No-Outline Novel Workbook, is based on an intuitive approach to novel writing. In-depth lessons on craft are combined with innovative exercises to write your novel, piece by piece, and structure it in a compelling way.

The exercises in this workbook will help you find meaningful connections among short pieces and weave those pieces into a cohesive narrative. Find the best structure for your novel and discover holes in your plot. Learn how to use patterning to create suspense, how to build tension throughout the book, and how to bring your story to a surprising but logical conclusion. Upon completion of The Paperclip Method, you will have a complete draft of your novel or memoir.

It is recommended that you combine this book with Story Starters: A Workbook for Fiction Writers (Fiction Attic Press). However, if you already have a few chapters written and you have a clear idea of character motivation, you can skip Story Starters and dive right into The Paperclip Method.

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